Introducing our mascot – McWaddle


Why did we choose a penguin as our mascot?

A few reasons:

– The ConversationAgency is a specialized agency, just like the penguin is one of the most specialized birds today. In this complex marketing world, penguins teach us that specialization is imperative for survival.

– Penguins, just like the ConversationAgency, regard politeness and sensitivity towards one another as important skills: Penguins bow to one another in courtship, they have processions in courteous lines to the water and hold themselves with dignity. Ironically, penguins teach us how to be better and nicer humans.

– The penguin teaches us that we have an uncommon grace and should be authentic about it. So what if we can be clumsy in some areas of our life? So what if we don’t look the way we should? So if we can’t express ourselves like trained speakers and writers? Just like penguins, the ConversationAgency believes in the grace of the common man and believes in authentic voices.

Penguins and the ConversationAgency know their place in the world. We understand the human need for conversation and exchange of ideas. And we connect this human desire with the need of businesses to converse with people in meaningful ways.

We welcome the honorable McWaddle to our family.

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