Passion Points


Everybody has a passion. Football, news, music, film, cars, blogging – the list is infinite. A passion changes everything: Money and time become irrelevant. Being an expert, becoming part of a community and connecting with other people is a driving force that’s unstoppable.

Marketing always tried to tap into passion points: The love for pigskin has been exploited and monetized by numerous brands. Passion Point Marketing 1.0.

 With the advent of Web 2.0, communities can form in moments and converse with each other through various channels. Instead of interrupting/disrupting these ongoing conversations (more often than not negatively impacting the brand), businesses need to engage and join a passion point conversation.

Segmenting and targeting these ‘passion communities’ garners a higher ROI than any traditional segmentation. Businesses just need to get out of their own way: Stop segmented broadcasting and start to narrow-narrowcast.

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