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Developing a great logo is a weird mix of art, science and psychology. We wanted to have a logo that speaks to the brand pillars of ConversationAgency: Authenticity, Trust, Open Dialogue. In addition, the logo should represent our foundation in proven marketing and advertising techniques, while, at the same time, being open to the world of new marketing. Last but not least, the logo needed to be human, signifying an openess to conversation and real dialogue.

We trusted our friends at Geyrhalter Design, Inc. with this task and were pleasantly surprised how well they translated our brand vision and mission into the new logo. The only major discussion points were the colors: Many were considered, discussed and debated. Gray and orange made the final cut because the combination of both colors felt true to the brand:

Orange represents fun, cheeriness, openess, warm exuberance and speed. Grey translates to authority, trust and praticality. A perfect match for ConversationAgency: We stand for open conversations that connect with people on an emotional basis. Conversations that are beneficial for people and businesses, based on trust and mutual respect.

Ok, the logo is done. Let’s get the conversation going!

2 responses to “Our logo

  1. Wow, you guys sure look a lot like Conversation Agent identity! Even down to the colors…

  2. Valeria,
    besides the orange, I don’t really see the resemblance. Orange is just such an inviting and communicative color, don’t you think?

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