Wallflower vs. Barfly


Two people at a bar: The demure wallflower, most of the time in agreement with you, a lot of smiles, nodding. Two stools down, the opinionated barfly: controversial and polarizing. Who would you rather hang with? Short-term/Long-term? Brands often make the mistake to become wallflowers when they venture into the world of conversational marketing: Let’s be nice to everyone, make sure not to offend anyone. Conversational Marketing is seen as a minefield that’s best maneuvered by walking on eggshells.

Strong brands always had an opinion: a transparent and credible point of view about the world and the brand’s place in this world. Strong opinions are the match that ignites conversations. Opinions arouse emotions, make brands stand out in the cluttered nothingness of advertising. And don’t be afraid to change your opinions over time: People change, realities change, brands change. Opinions are supposed to change.

Your transparent and credible point of view should not change. Ever.

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