Can you still buy marketshare?


Yes and no.

According to HuffingtonPost, Mitt Romney spent $1.16 million per delegate, a rate that would cost him $1.33 billion to win the nomination. The pundits will give you many reasons for his failure: flip-flopping, religion, track record, etc. The real reason is that he never connected with people in an authentic way. Most people thought he didn’t stand for anything, was not an authentic candidate. His campaign was muddled, never had a real focus and left possible followers shrugging their shoulders.

Compare this to Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ campaign (If you want to call it a campaign.) The benefit to people was tangible, easy to understand. The premise and science behind was complex but it gave people hope by asking them to change their daily habits. Even though many detractors tried to undermine the climate change movement, they didn’t stand a chance against an audience that believed Al Gore was authentic and truthful when he was communicating his message.  

Marketshare can still be bought: Chevy Malibu showed us exactly that in the last few months. But you need to support your mass reach campaign with platforms that help people start their own mini-campaign within the campaign. This will help move your message from the Cul-de-sac of mass media to the viral world of social media and conversational marketing. Ask Mitt Romney.

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