How to turn visitors into fans


Want to know how to turn customers into fans? How to develop strong connections with people? Just do what Angler’s Boutique Resort is doing. I researched the hotel before, it’s ranked as #1 in South Beach on Tripadvisor. Good start but I remained sceptical.

I arrived in Miami after a grueling overnight flight from Los Angeles, tired and worn out. I requested an early check-in at 8am but I’ve done this many times before and often had to wait until early afternoon to get a room.Arriving at 8am, I was greeted by a host, already expecting me and immediately heading to the room. No wait for paperwork or any other bureaucratic tasks. I was introduced to the amazing entertainment system (linking your iPod to all rooms, making DVD’s accessible throughout the suite – did I mention I was upgraded to a suite?) The host left with my credit card, leaving me time to unpack and get settled. For the first time in my life, I experienced a Hotel Internet connection faster than my DSL at home. The room was setup for an overnight traveler: dark room, bed ready to take a quick nap, temperature perfect for a morning sleep.

Yes, I could rave about the bed, the shower, the amenities. But I can get that from many hotels. Adjusting to the needs of a specific customer, that’s what I want to talk about. These little things felt so thoughtful and opened a space in my heart for this boutique hotel. Add to that a little note left on my bed after turndown service, showing the weather forecast for tomorrow (60 degrees in Miami? Whhh-whhh-whhat?) and you feel so good being a guest in this hotel. And, once I get my work done tonight, I will reciprocate by posting a review on Tripadvisor and Yelp. Love is not selfish. Love is about sharing. How does your business transform customers into fans?

2 responses to “How to turn visitors into fans

  1. While I agree all of the “perks” and “concierge service” you’ve received at your stay in Miami are great — typically the best thing I view that you can give to a consumer to become a fan is something even more simple. “Words” and “language” to communicate why you should be/already are a fan.

    Meaning… superlatives and quotes give your consumers the language to position in their minds why they should be a fan (if they aren’t already). Furthermore, you guide them what to say when speaking of your brand or organization (language pass-along) to friends and family.

  2. I’m not sure superlatives are the way to go. The problem with most businesses is that they overpromise and underdeliver. Unless you offer the best experience imaginable, I’d stay away from too many big words.

    I would rather offer experiences and platforms that allow people to share their experience. For a hotel: Post-visit send people an email and ask them to share their experience on Tripadvisor and other social networks.

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