Marketers are trawler captains

Every business has two visions: A brand vision and a daily vision.

As the foundation of the whole organization, the brand vision rarely changes, drives the overall strategy of the company and informs employees, customers and people what the businesses stands for. Daily visions are decisions that are made in the process of doing business. Circumstances tend to determine daily visions.

Vital and healthy businesses are driven by brand visions. Daily visions are just another expression of their brand vision. Every decision falls into line with the the overall vision.

Any business driven by daily visions, small emergencies and political battles is in deep trouble. Everybody forgot the brand vision, if there ever was one, and the business just tries to stay above water.

Vital businesses are like the biggest passenger ships in the world: Always moving ahead, not to be bothered by little details, minor catastrophes. Unwaivering. Determined.

These enormous ships used to be supported by a few trawlers: The Color TV, The Colorful Print, The Noise Radio.The trawlers deviate from the path once in a while to explore the world outside of the given path.  Few  trawlers turned into an armada of trawlers in the new marketing reality: Thousand trawlers following the path of the leading ship but, at the same time, exploring new frontiers, taking risks, being away from the lead ship for a while to experiment. But never out of sight, always in touch with the passenger ship. They have bizarre names: Crazy Twitter, The Dreaming Pownce, etc. We navigate these little trawlers every day, experimenting, dreaming.

Our experiences and adventures don’t change the current course of the ship. But they inform future decisions, new adventures, new innovations. And make the journey so much more enjoyable. And exciting.

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