American Express gets it

From Mediapost:

“Claire Bennett, SVP/Advertising, Marketing and Media at American Express, threw down a gauntlet at the outset: digital, traditional, grassroots–it doesn’t matter if consumers don’t want it. Paraphrasing Einstein, she said any marketing fool can overwhelm consumers with meaningless information, but it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

Her message, delivered through a rundown on her own company’s efforts, was that the opposite direction means moving from intrusion to invitation. “Are you making something better for your customer or intruding on an experience they are having?” she asked, rhetorically. “We want to be invited in by the consumer: from transaction to relationship; from disrupting to empowering.”

Facilitating conversations, making people’s life better. Bingo.

One response to “American Express gets it

  1. Does she really gets it? Claire Bennett.. I came across this video on YouTube which is the Ad of Amex by Beyonce and Ellen, and boy was I disappointed. it hardly has any views…

    If you see videos for Beyonce, they have over 500 million views alone on YouTube and videos of Ellen are about 50million. Yea, I know you might be wondering how can I calculate all the views for all the videos of Beyonce or Ellen or American Express. I use Scope, the amazing video measurement and engagement platform by divinity Metrics.

    How is it possible that Amex cannot even get 50k views when their Brand ambassadors get 500m and 50m views respectively???? This is sheer waste of Marketing dollars… does american express really care about promoting their new ad? or just let it die in the online world?

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