Why customer service is part of your marketing strategy

Businesses have become obsessed with the blogosphere: They task companies with buzz/trend/blog conversation reports. They read them daily, trying to gain a better understanding of people. And then they’re struggling with the question: “How do we join the conversation?” And: “What conversations are we joining?”

Let’s focus on the second question: Most businesses are immediately drawn to the blogosphere because it’s so easy to lurk and find out what the public thinks about their brand. But they often oversee the most important opportunity right in front of their eyes: Their customer service department.

People try to initiate conversations with businesses all day long: They have problems with the product, they have questions about the product, they want to connect with someone that speaks for the brand. Changing the paradigm of customer service from processing as many people as possible to solving as many problems as possible is the first step to join the conversation. Empowered people will put increasing demands on consumer affairs. Divorcing consumer affairs from marketing divisions doesn’t make any sense in the new marketing reality. Increasingly empowered people want to speak with the brand itself and consumer affairs will have to become part of your marketing strategy.

It should have been this way all along.

and the demands on consumer affairs will

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