The second wave iPhone hype

I just found out where I’m going to be on June 9: at the local Apple Store. The second wave wave of the iPhone hype made me think about Apple and where their success comes from.

Great brands are based in passion. Passion for performance: BMW. Passion for customer service: Four Seasons. Passion for design: Apple.

Outstanding brands extend this passion to everything they’re doing. The passion for design can be felt at any touchpoint of the Apple brand: In the store, the site, email communications, user experience. This passion for design makes it almost inevitable to create a good product. And that’s the corner stone of every remarkable brand. The next step great brands take is to observe people use their product/service and then listen to them.

This continuous evolution process is something people are expecting today. Most people that bought their first iPhone the first day will be back in the store on June 9. They understand that yesterday’s iPhone was the best Apple could do at that point. They expressed their need for improvement and Apple answered. This ongoing production process, supported with a hungry media machine and brand passionistas fuels the second wave of the iPhone marketing machine. Other brands should listen. And learn.


This is what great brands do. They have passion for what they make and that passion helps them start out with a pretty good product to begin with. Then, they go out and spend time listening to people who use their products and find ways to make them better.

Great brands always consider themselves to be in beta – even if they don’t use that term. They’re always looking for ways to improve and be more meaningful to the people who use them. In return, this makes the people who use them even more passionate about them. In my book, that’s never a bad thing.

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