From disrupter to curator

Reflecting about the future of marketing, things are changing dramatically right now but the real marketing revolution is about to happen. All the old marketing books will feel like outdated, almost laughable, textbooks from the ’30s.

We won’t be utilizing the current research tools to find our target audience and interrupt them. Just like the Cold War, at one point one side will give up and say: “This doesn’t work anymore.” And it won’t be people. Brands will move away from annoying people to delight them. How?

Marketers will become curators. They will look for people with comparable interests, passion and desires. And they will bring these people together, delight them with new experiences, extensions of their interests, passion and desires. we will change our mindset from being a general in the marketing war to an empathetic enabler. This will take new structures, new organizations, new people. But, most importantly, it will change marketing from a walled garden existence to an open ecosystem.

We see the first efforts to understand this dramatic shift in the VRM Project, curated by Doc Searls. We see first steps from brands, curating Social Networks and becoming more of a service provider. The end of old-school marketing is very near. And the future very bright.

One response to “From disrupter to curator

  1. I absolutely agree that the shotgun ‘push’ marketing is about to be challenged by relevant ‘pull’ invitations from individuals enabled by the penetration of broadband and VRM tools and services being developed. Have a look at for a demo of a VRM service which protects an individuals privacy until such time as they want to enter into a relationship with an organisation. Huge benefits for marketeers who, as critical mass builds, will have access to ‘hot leads’ with their permission. Moe about VRM at

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