It’s the small things that count

I’m an avid coffee drinker and I try to stop by Intelligentsia on Sunset at least once a week. Yes, the coffee is the best I’ve ever had but that’s not the reason why I feel obliged to pay a visit as often as I can: Intelligentsia is a coffee temple, a worshiping ground for the art of making a good coffee. In everything they do, you can feel the passion for a good cup of coffee. You can tell them what kind of coffee you like and they will make you the perfect cup. With a heart on top. Just like in french bistros, they have pastries and free water but it doesn’t deter you from the real focus of the company.

This passion for coffee is the whole brand. It might not be important for the average visitor but it makes me want to return: The care, the attention to detail and the passion makes me forget that I pay a bit more for a latte than in other places.

I don’t think they ever advertised their product or even have a marketing department. They use their passion and a good eye for design to let others spread the gospel to the world. People often don’t care about lofty marketing goals. They care about the small things.

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