In 3 months we changed into a Thanksgiving society


The economic crisis has dramatically changed behaviors: We see it in the airports, on the roads, in the malls, in restaurant. From a society that values consumption over everything, we have suddenly stopped mindless consumption and have come to our senses. It might be temporary but the US society has re-discovered the values that make Thanksgiving to such an amazing holiday: We expect nothing just a good meal, a good bottle of wine, good conversation and a closeness to our loved ones that we crave so much. There are no price tags attached to anything, no expectations, no material disappointments.

For me, Social Media is like an ongoing Thanksgiving: People giving to each other, without expecting to get something in return. This is bigger than just a recession. This is discovering what being human is all about: Small, little gestures, a little hug, a nod. Virtually or in the physical world. And that’s why I consider this a very happy thanksgiving.

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