Microsoft missed an opportunity


Last week, Microsoft posted a profit for Q4 2008 and to celebrate this occasion they laid off 5,000 employees. A post-industrial reaction to an information age problem. While other companies are proposing pay cuts to share the pain and save jobs, Microsoft chose the easy and lazy way out.

Instead, they should have used this unprecedented financial crisis to transform the company:

  • Engage every employee to improve financial performance, make everybody responsible to save money and, at the same time, jobs.
  • Use all available tools (Wikis, Social Networks, etc.) to encourage conversation and an open discussion how to transform Microsoft as a company and, possibly, change the overall mission.
  • Change the focus of Microsoft from sucking up to Wall Street and start delivering superior service by empowering each employee and allow them to transform the company one social interaction at a time.
  • Communicate this new focus to the world and change Microsoft’s image from a dark, gray monolith to a lively, personable, caring company.

These are tough times. Even for companies that hoard billions of cash on the sidelines. How you deal with the crisis and adjust your brand to the new reality is the game changer. Some get it. Microsoft clearly doesn’t.


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