Denny’s – The bridge from traditional to new media


Today’s clear Superbowl Ad winner was Denny’s. Not because their commercial made me laugh. Not because their commercial was so commercial. Not because I admire Denny’s and love everything they do. No, they won because they will make the country talk. Talk about their free breakfast on Tuesday. Tapping into the mood of the country and understanding that brands have to add value. Lend a helping hand. 

Last year this wouldn’t have worked. Too many people walked by Denny’s just thinking they’ve outgrown this rather unhealthy food. But today? A free meal goes a long way. For everybody. But, they better execute this well. The staff better be prepared for major lines and they need to execute flawlessly. Looking at Denny’s SEM strategy (none), their IT strategy (Site crashed, as we speak, Denny’s is looking for a new IT vendor), their Facebook strategy (none, they market the AllNighter) and their Twitter strategy (Still promoting that AllNighter) I’m concerned that a good advertising campaign leads to ultimate disappointment. 

Everybody can have a great idea. Only a few can turn great ideas into great executions.

2 responses to “Denny’s – The bridge from traditional to new media

  1. That is an excellent point. You can see it happening from a mile away…like a slow motion train wreck. Would be great to see them prove us wrong , though.

  2. Will they though?
    Or do most people already have an opinion about Denny’s and whether they like it or not.
    So that even if they take advantage of the free breakfast for a day, it’s not likely to influence their future behavior.
    Factor in too that Denny’s breakfast is a large meal that people may see as a one-time treat, not an everyday thing.

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